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Talking About Neural Networks

22:30 - 10/03/2017

Following my last performance in the oxford heats of FameLab - a science communication competition - I returned this Wednesday, March 8th, to the regional final at the Bullingdon, Oxford.

This time around I was attempting to explain, in my given 3 minute block, how artificial neural networks work. The whole event was being streamed, and you can see my segment above. The entire show can be found here. It's worth the watch for a few hours of good, informative viewing.

Sadly (though not entirely without a small sigh of relief) this is where I get off the FameLab train, as I did not get through to the next round. Congratulations to Anna and Tomasz for their winning performances!

This is certainly not the end for me talking about science though, as the Science Oxford and FameLab teams did such a fantastic job at introducing me to the world of science communication, and I feel that it is definitely something I'd like to do more of going forward, so watch this space!